Pasha's favourite foodstuff

Dive into the seduction of the East with Pasha Café's latest special!

Taste the reimagined harmony of traditional flavours in our rosewater fruity coconut balls, which offer a delicious blend of flavours from far-flung lands in every bite. This meticulously crafted dessert, the fruit of our passion and love for fine flavours, will be the perfect accompaniment to a perfectly matched Turkish coffee or tea. Enjoy the rare experience of pairing oriental sweets with traditional drinks.

To make the culinary journey even more memorable, each customer will receive a free entry ticket to the Royal Guard Museum. It's not just a purchase of a treat, it's an investment in a cultural experience that will tantalize your taste buds and your mind.

7.811 Ft

The prices are gross and include VAT.


Why you should choose this speciality?

  • Unique Taste Experience: the freshness of rose water and the richness of fruity flavours in a coconut ball.: A rózsavíz frissessége és a gyümölcsös ízek gazdagsága egy kókuszgolyó formájában.
  • Tradition and Modernity: the deep, rich flavours of Turkish coffee or tea are in perfect harmony with our modern dessert speciality.: A török kávé vagy tea mély, gazdag ízei tökéletes harmóniában vannak a modern desszertkülönlegességünkkel.
  • Art and Taste: You don't just get a dessert, you also get to be part of a work of art with your museum pass.

For special occasions or just a simple afternoon in the sun, Pasha Café promises an unforgettable experience. We look forward to celebrating special moments together!

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